Shades are the perfect addition to any room. They can make your spaces look larger and brighter when they are carefully picked out and placed. Whether you need shades to create accents to your rooms or you are looking for shades that allow for more privacy and darker spaces for those Saturday mornings when you want to sleep in, Shutters and Sunshades in Sarasota Florida, has it all! No matter your budget, you can find beautiful window shades with us. Your windows are important spaces in your home and offices, and when designed correctly, they can make a huge difference! With custom shades, the days of dealing with tangled messes are gone. Our delicate designs are made to make your windows have a striking, modern feel. Our carefully handcrafted shades create an effortless look on every window in your space, giving a simple yet noticeable design with easy-to-use features. With Shutters and Sunshades, you don’t have to be a designer to get the most out of each space in your home or office. Our experts will work with you to determine your style and help you pick out the perfect Shades to make your dream spaces become a reality.

Meet our experts below:

Nick Fullerton

Phone Number: (570) 772-4029

Daniella Shoufany 

Phone Number: (941) 725-5394

Fabiana Crespi

Phone Number: (786) 566-2986

Jennifer Bellau

Phone Number: (863) 381-5195

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